Predict avoidable after-discharge readmission cases of heart failure

Reduce 30, 60 and 90 days readmission risk with ML-based risk management model 

Readmission Risk Prediction ML solution helps healthcare providers focus on high-risk patients who can avoid readmission if additional care is provided, thereby noticeably reducing the risk for 30-, 60-, and 90-day readmissions.


The solution is designed to predict heart failure readmission risk, rank patients by their risk level, and then identify potentially avoidable causes. The solution is capable of analyzing a wide range of clinical factors and identifying predictable readmission risk as early as possible.


If there’s a proper custom dataset of non-clinical socio-economic factors, it can be included into the solution's database for significantly more accurate prediction.

  • Manage readmission risk efficiently

    Get a tool for early readmission risk detection. Based on your specific dataset, it will help you proactively reduce the total amount of readmission cases. 

  • Upgrade your post-discharge care planning

    Allow medical staff to develop more efficient preventive and after-discharge plans. 

  • Define patients with the highest risk rank and plan preventive treatment

    With both heart failure readmission risk forecasts and details on potentially avoidable readmission cases, organizations have the ability to focus and establish proper priorities when planning preventive care.


  • Improve your patient service 

    Get an additional tool for better patient-oriented service. Readmission risk prediction and proper preventive treatment allows to reduce patients’ stress caused by unpredicted readmission cases.

How it works?

Key Benefits

Key Features

  • HIPAA capable

  • Forecasting heart failure readmission risk for 30, 60, 90 days

  • Capable of being trained on a client’s datasets

  • Detection of potentially avoidable readmission

  • Ability to analyze and consider clinical and non-clinical factors, including associated costs

  • Risk ranging

  • High usability for medical staff

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