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We specialize in machine learning and data science for healthcare technology organizations and engineering teams working for healthcare. Pre-packed and trained, our machine learning solutions are ready to be implemented in weeks, not months, or customized to fit your request.


 COVID-19 edition

Medical PPE detector for employee safety

Detect PPE-related safety rules breaches. Identify people with high temperature. Recognize violators among staff. 


The Sentiment & Entity Analysis solution

Analyze patients feedback to improve organization performance.  Understand and improve patient experiences by gleaning insights from B2C communication channels & customer feedback

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The Readmission Risk Prediction solution

Predict avoidable after-discharge readmission cases of heart failure. Reduce 30, 60 and 90 days readmission risk through ML-based risk management model 


 COVID-19 edition

AI platform for Computer-Assisted COVID-19 and pneumonia diagnosis

Speed up diagnostic process by classifying illnesses and calculating its probability. Automatically identify and classify diseases.  Recognize patients at highest risk.


The Plain-Text to FHIR/CCDA Converter

Convert unstructured medical data for smarter analytics and reporting. Automatically transform unstructured data efficiently and without errors.


HIPAA Compliant Cloud Infrastructure

Develop products in HIPAA-compliant cloud infrastructure. Implement secure, scalable and fully HIPAA compliant cloud infrastructure without having to establish in-house technical teams and manage all aspects of healthcare regulations


 COVID-19 edition

COVID-19 epindemic scenario calculator (demonstration version)

A demonstration version of calculator, created to show the importance of epidemic scenarios simulation which allow to see the impact of restrictive actions taken for cities.

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The Computer-Aided Diagnosis of Retinopathy (CADx) solution

Detect early signs of blindness to take preventive actions in time. Achieve earlier disease detection and faster diagnosis through computer-aided, AI-driven screening systems.


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