Detect early signs of diabetic retinopathy  faster

Achieve earlier disease detection and faster diagnosis through computer-aided,

AI-driven screening systems

How it works?

The Computer-Aided Diagnosis of Retinopathy (CADx) solution for diabetic retinopathy diagnosis utilizes anomaly detection and image analysis to detect subtle morphological changes in the fundus of the eye that, if unchecked, cause diabetic retinopathy and blindness. The manual inspection of fundus images is time consuming, and it overburdens the opthalmologists unnecessarily. They inspect multiple fundus screens (most of which display no signs of diabetic retinopathy) to diagnose the condition before critical damage to optic disk, exudates, and blood vessels is caused. 


The solution by VITech assists the opthalmologists in diagnosing diabetic retinopathy by detecting first signs of the condition in dozens of thousands of images per minute and arranging “healthy” and “unhealthy” screens in separate folders. It gives the doctors more time to look into disputable cases to diagnose more accurately and efficiently to prevent lifelong blindness in patients at scale.

Key Benefits

  • High-Precision Diagnostics

    Trained on thousands of eye screens by expert ophthalmologists, the solution's ML algorithms detect and classify pathology with high accuracy.

  • Improved Accessibility

    By scaling the expertise of ophthalmologists, the solution reduces eye screening costs, helping address the needs of low-income families.

  • Time & Cost Savings Opportunities

    The combination of faster screening and more accurate diagnosis allows to spend precious doctor time more efficiently and cut triage costs.

  • Automated Feature Extraction

    With deep/iterative learning on board, the solution learns on new features automatically extracted from eye screens to further improve outcomes.

Key Features
  • Image labeling technology to improve screening accuracy on local data

  • Real-time diagnosis of various conditions

  • Secure, scalable, and customizable

  • Easy integration through RESTful API

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