Automate PPE compliance control to ensure employee safety


Detect safety rules breaches with ML-based PPE detector

How it works?

Medical PPE detector for epidemiological safety is a machine learning solution developed to help healthcare providers during the COVID-19 pandemic. It allows organizations to more efficiently enforce safety regulations in organizations.


Powered by computer vision and image analysis, the solution processes live video footage from cameras mounted in working areas to detect and classify cases of PPE non-compliance in real-time.


Capable of detecting different types of laboratory attire, it automatically sends safety violation reports to a safety engineer if any required item is missing. So with the solution you can: 


  • Detect PPE incompliance. It allows organizations to automatically detect the absence of a medical mask or respirator, gloves and eyeglasses on a person through surveillance cameras. When a violation is detected, the algorithm automatically reports to the controller or safety engineer.


  • Identify people with high temperature. Optionally, it is capable of measuring the body temperature of a person in real time. If temperature is higher than normal, the solution alarms medical staff to take actions. 


  • Recognize violators among staff.  In addition, the solution is capable of face recognition. On request, this optional function can be activated to identify epidemiological safety rules violators  among the staff and automatically report this to management.

Automated PPE detection can be used by:

Healthcare organizations


Medical devices manufacturing enterprises


Schools and universities


Research centers

Pharmaceutical enterprises 

Solution's performance

Key Benefits

Key Features

  • Round-the-clock monitoring and detection;

  • Capable of identifying the absence of four object classes: coat, gloves, mask or respirator, eyeglasses;

  • Compatible with any high resolution camera;

  • Easy integration through RESTful API;

  • Ability to work in low light conditions;

  • Ability to measure body temperature.


The solution is ready to use and is deployed in the public cloud to minimize IT infrastructure costs and to accelerate time to market.


On-prem deployment is for organizations that have to comply with special security rules, or for those that need to operate offline most of the time.

Option 3: Hybrid


Hybrid deployment (on-prem IT infrastructure plus public cloud) suits organizations that work with low-bandwidth internet connectivity OR have spikes in processing that cloud will smooth out.