Artificial Intelligence solutions for Healthcare & Life Sciences

Improve your organization's performance with faster diagnostics, better patient care, disease prediction, smarter safety control and much more.

We add our effort to worldwide struggle

against COVID-19 pandemic

We introduce our machine learning solutions developed to strengthen healthcare, scientific and other organizations in everyday fight against the virus and its consequences.  

Challenges we solve

Automate PPE compliance control to ensure employee safety

Detect safety rules breaches with ML-based PPE detector.

Predict avoidable

after-discharge readmission cases of heart failure

Predict avoidable after-discharge readmission cases of heart failure. Reduce 30, 60 and 90 days readmission risk through ML-based risk management model 

Detect and classify lung diseases promptly with computer-aided assistance

Get the diagnostics results in minutes, not hours or weeks

Convert unstructured medical data for smarter analytics and reporting

Automatically transform unstructured data

efficiently and without errors

Detect early signs of blindness to take preventive actions in time

Achieve earlier disease detection and faster diagnosis through computer-aided, AI-driven screening systems.

Analyze patients feedback

to improve organization performance

Understand and improve patient experiences by gleaning insights from B2C communication channels & customer feedback

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